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Phuket on Google Earth

Phuket as seen on Google Earth - Koh Yao to the eastGet Google Earth (http://earth.google.com/) for a good look at Phuket. A large part of the island can be seen in high resolution. You can zoom in on Phuket Town, most of the east coast, small offshore islands, roads, houses... The highest resolution is enough to see boats and cars, though you can't read newspapers or see people's faces! The scan of Phuket appears to have been taken in about 2003, I await a new image eagerly! Some Google Earth images below of Phuket including Koh Sirey (east of Phuket Town), Chalong jetty, Bang Rong (in the mangroves on the east coast, you can get the ferry to Koh Yao from here), a couple of offshore islands; Koh Rang and Koh Maphrao, Cape Panwa (home of the Aquarium), Monkey Hill (in Phuket Town) and the Bang Wad reservoir and Dam - Phuket's largest water supply.

Images of Phuket from Google Earth

Mangroves at Bang Rong. Get the ferry from here to Koh Yao Bang Wad reservoir and Dam, Kathu, Phuket Cape Panwa, the SE corner of Phuket Chalong roads and the jetty Koh Maphrao, small island off the east coast near Laem Hin Koh Rang, small offshore island east of Phuket Koh Sirey (east of Phuket Town) Khao To Sae (Monkey Hill)

More Information about some of these places

• Cape Panwa
• Koh Yao
• Khao To Sae (Monkey Hill)
• Koh Rang

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Phuket on Google Earth

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