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Phuket is Ugly (Not)

How often do I see comments on chat rooms such as Lonely Planet about Phuket being ugly, and just full of bars, girls, dirty old men, McDonalds, overdevelopment, pollution etc...The people who write this have not really seen Phuket. If you spend 2 weeks on Patong Beach you may well think that is all there is to Phuket, but please remember Phuket is a big island, some 540 square kilometers, with quiet beaches, hills, temples, fishing communities etc..The idea of my Jamie's Phuket blog is to show some of these places, to show Phuket outside the main tourist areas, although there ARE some touristy things that we enjoy too.

So here's a collection of photos of Ugly Phuket. Enjoy the ugliness.

View from Wat Sapam, east coast of Phuket
View looking towards radar hill
Elephants at Cape Phromthep
Rubber plantations are all over the island
Po Bay, on the NE coast of Phuket

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Phuket is Ugly (Not)

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