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Careful on those hills....

Phuket is a hill place. Many of the biggest hills can be scaled by road for some great views (See Hills and Viewpoints on Jamie's Phuket). On the west coast, when you want to get from one beach to another there always seems to be a hill. Patong beach is in a bowl, and whichever way you go, the road is uphill! To the east (going to Kathu and Phuket Town) you climb a long hill which can be a bit dangerous in the rain. At the top of the hill you find a Chinese Shrine. To the North there's a long winding road to Kamala, and to the South a hilly twisty road to Karon.

Be careful when heading up the hills. Don't follow too close behind large trucks. I saw a cement truck start to roll back one time on the road from Karon to Patong. When the driver applied the brakes the front wheels left the ground for a heart splitting second....The same has happened in this photo, but in a rather more permanent way:


Photo from the Phuket Gazette.

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Careful on those hills....

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