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What's New on Jamie's Phuket..?

My main Phuket Blog is at https://www.jamiesphuketblog.com, and I've been adding a few interesting things this last month:

I have decided to start some hotel recommendations. Although I have a house, so do not stay in hotels, I have daily contact with tourists, and many friends and family have been here; this, combined with a knowledge of the beaches means I can make a pretty decent stab at recommending a place to stay!

We have started with:

• Dusit Laguna
• Baan Yin Dee

What else is new?

• Some of Phuket's small, quiet beaches
• Chalong Temple
• Noodles - just right for any meal!
• Some more thoughts about the tsunami...

Have a good day!

We Love Phuket - Hope to see you in Phuket soon!

What's New on Jamie's Phuket..?

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