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Rihanna - What Now - Video Made in Phuket

So, Rihanna and Phuket were in the news recently .. she was here (I did not see her), and caused a stir by posting a photo of herself with a slow loris, which is an endangered animal, on Bangla road in Patong where touts always hang around with engangered animals and nobody cares. Well, some people cared once the Rihanna photo hit the news and a few touts were rounded up. They are probably back again now. I don't know, I have been to Soi Bangla once in the last 2 years. Oh and she Tweeted about a s3x show too. Really? They exist? Well I never! I am sure that was news to the local police! Anyways, while she was here, Rihanna shot a video, though it was all indoors and you can't see any of Phuket. The song is OK actually, and it was made in Phuket. So, what now, Phuket?

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Rihanna - What Now - Video Made in Phuket

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