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Phuket - Welcome to the South!

This is a Thai hip-hop song called 'Welcome to the South' by a group called Southside who are from (or some of the members are from) Phuket. Now, Phuket is well and truly in the south of Thailand geographically and politically. The 'South' starts a bit south of Bangkok - when you drive south into Chumphon province there is a 'Welcome to the South' sign above the road :) Southern Thai people have a different dialect and different food too. My wife is from Chumphon.

This video is shot 100% in Phuket with locations including Old Phuket Town, Phromthep Cape, the wind turbine viewpoint near Naiharn Beach, the well-known Karon Viewpoint and Sarasin Bridge.

It's quite a good tour of Phuket! Except in hip-hop video style, the picture changes every half second!

We Love Phuket - Hope to see you in Phuket soon!

Phuket - Welcome to the South!

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